For DIY-ers: A Guide to Using Steel Reinforcing Mesh to Achieve the Best Results for Your Project

Typically, concrete is strong enough to withstand large compressive forces, but it has weak tensile strength. Nevertheless, there are ways to reinforce it and make it resistant to breaking under great tension, and one of them is using steel reinforcing mesh, also known as reo mesh. This building material has become a very popular option in construction for the benefits it offers. Not only that it makes concrete stronger, but it also makes it flexible. However, one should get it right when using this material to maximise its efficiency. With that said, here is a guide for DIY-ers to using reinforcing mesh in a building project:


How It Works

Reinforcing mesh is not only strong, but is also easily formed, which is why it is a popular material for building concrete structures. Basically, it works by enhancing the strength of walls, ceilings, columns, and floors. Due to its flexibility, it is easy to work with compared to other concrete reinforcement materials. With a little patience, you will be able to set correctly in no time. But of course, reinforced concrete still requires sealing solutions to achieve optimum functionality. When laying pavement for your garage, for example, it is recommended that you use a concrete driveway sealer to give it a protective coating against harsh outdoor conditions. Click here for more information Best Bar


How Much Mesh Should You Use

Determining how much steel reinforcing mesh to use in your project does not necessarily require special, complex mathematics. Mesh sheets are pre-measured and cut at the factory, so it is just easy to know how much of them you will need if you know the dimensions of your project. For a floor, you can simply measure the depth, length and width of the excavated area to determine the type and amount of steel mesh needed for the job. For a wall, measuring its width and height would be the key.


Where to Position It

Take note—a reinforcing steel mesh will only work effectively when properly placed at the middle of the concrete. With a grid like pattern, it evenly diffuses tension across a certain section of a structure. So, if you are building a driveway, pour half of the cement, place the mesh, and then pour the rest of the cement. During the process, make sure that the mesh does not sink to the bottom.

When building columns and walls, leave a room at the middle of the form to place the mesh and then pour all of the cement.


What Safety Measures to Observe

While steel mesh is just easy to set up as elaborated above, you should still take proper precautions in handling it, as it can cut you if you are not careful. To avoid injuries while working with it, always wear appropriate safety gear, such as work gloves and safety glasses.

Reinforced concrete is permanent, so whenever you are building a structure out of it, it is best to plan ahead carefully with the essential information in mind. Learn about the process before you start anything. Now, for quality steel reinforcing mesh and other concrete products to use in your project, check out