An arborist – The tree surgeon who cares for the trees in your backyard garden

As you know, trees play a vital role in managing the atmosphere of the earth.  Therefore, you should take proper care of the trees so that you enjoy a wonderful climate. But, caring for trees is not like caring for the plants in your backyard garden. It is here the services of an arborist Melbourne market has today gains its importance.

As you know, the arborist is also popularly called as ‘tree surgeon’. However, according to the International Association of Arboriculture, an arborist is specialized in the art of growing and maintaining plants, trees and shrubs. The Government of Australia has made it mandatory that the arborists should obtain a trade license from the appropriate government agency.

Arborists in Australia:

In fact, in Australia, the arborists are registered with the National Arborists Association of Australia. The government of Australia has prescribed certain norms for being a professional arborist Melbourne based, for example. According to the prevailing law, arborists practicing in Australia should have passed ‘certificate-II in horticulture (Arboriculture) for ground and climbing work. Further, the law prescribes the arborist should have passed Certificate-III in horticulture (Arboriculture) for supervisors of climbing work. In addition to these, the law also prescribes that the practicing arborist should have obtained workmen’s compensation insurance and also public liability insurance.

Care for trees:

Some of the species of trees and shrubs require routine pruning as it enhances the wellbeing of the trees. At the same time, unscientific pruning can affect the growth of trees. In fact, unscientific pruning or felling of trees can also cause damage to your property.  In such a situation, you can avail the services of a licensed arborist Melbourne market has today so that the trees in your garden get the proper care.

Protect your property:

When you call for their services, the Melbourne arborists will inspect the tree that you are planning to prune and will suggest which portion of the tree should be pruned. Unscientific pruning can lead to growth of intersection branches. In the long run, such branches of the tree can even damage your property.  Therefore, by availing the services of an arborist you will ensure not only the well being of the tree but also protect your property.

Gives detailed report:

If you have trees in your backyard garden or even trees on the road where you live, you may find arborist in Melbourne and seek his advice on the health of the trees. Depending on the health of the tree, the arborist may even suggest you to cut the tree. This helps you to protect yourself and your family and the property from the damage caused because of the sudden falling of unhealthy trees. In fact, the arborist will prepare a detailed report on the tree and also give suggestions on caring for the tree in question.

Tree climbing:

Tree climbing is an art and the arborist has mastered this art. If you want to learn this art, perhaps it would be appropriate that you find best Melbourne arborist (see or one in your locality. You may wonder according to a report filed by the magazine ‘news XX’ on May 6, 2016, professional arborists in Canberra participated in the inaugural Tree Climbing Championship. Yes, tree climbing is one of the important aspects for every professional arborist. Such websites also highlight the various other services offered by the professional arborists. For more information, visit at: