Tips to Design a Small Bathroom That Impresses Big Time

Designing a small bathroom is always a challenge. Aside from the limited space, it seems as though there are only so much you can put in there. Hence, you have to be methodical in deciding what to put in your bathroom and make sure that it adds to the aesthetic of the room. Before you head into a bathroom store Brisbane has today, make sure you come up with a design plan. Every detail you add into the bathroom should have a purpose.

Below are some ideas to inspire you when you shop in a Brisbane bathroom store:

Corner Sink

Adding a pedestal sink into your small bathroom can get in between the traffic lane. Hence, buying a corner sink from the best bathroom store in Brisbane might be a smart investment for your small bathroom. This will provide a functional area in the room while utilizing extra space and not making the room seem too crowded. As a bonus, you can also avoid that awkward situation wherein you are forced to walk around certain fittings in your bathroom.

Shower Curtain

This is a small investment with huge dividends for your bathroom décor. A shower curtain can provide that separation between your shower area and other part of the bathroom. This is also a good solution if you have set up a shower-tub combo in your bathroom. You can find various designs for shower curtain from a bathroom store Brisbane offers today. Visit at Builders World

Floating Vanity

Just like the sink, a vanity can take up a huge space in your bathroom. Hence, you need to be smart about buying your vanity from a bathroom store Brisbane has to offer. You can mount it above the floor to make it bigger without taking up more space than it should. Or, you can also use the space underneath to store basic bathroom items, further saving you space!

Additional tip: Make sure you invest in a round-edged vanity. When you are working with small spaces, pointed corners can be hazardous!

Shower Door

For small bathrooms, you can skip the shower door and have a glass panel built in its place. This will prevent shower streaks from getting to the area outside of the shower. And since it is a glass panel, it does not take up space as it sits right along the edge of the shower. It is a space-saving solution that does not compromise functionality.

Large Mirrors

This is one of the best tricks you can use to make small bathrooms seem bigger. Mirrors provide the visual illusion as it reflects upon the space. Hence, you can create the idea of having larger space than what you physically have in your bathroom. Opt for large mirrors to double the mirroring effect!

Mounted Storage

Using vertical space is a great solution for small spaces, such as your bathroom. Thus, you should mount whatever you can – towel bars, cabinets, sinks and vanities! This will help provide more space on the floor and make everything well organized too.

Ready to start decorating your small bathroom with these ideas? Head to a reliable bathroom store in Brisbane or visit to start shopping for bathroom fixtures and fittings.