Best air compressor outlets in Adelaide

The market for air compressors is developing at a rapid rate and is projected to reach a massive amount by the year 2021. Air compressors are used for increasing the pressure by the conversion of power into potential energy. This is stored in air that is pressurized. The pressurized air is utilized for powering pneumatic tools. This is used for several tasks such as compressing gas for transport, cutting, welding, cooling, freezing and packaging.

Air compressors in Adelaide

If you are looking for air compressors in Adelaide, you can choose from different brands and companies. In Adelaide, you will find a lot of companies manufacturing and selling air compressors. You can choose from a wide range of air compressors of various types. Each type of air compressor has its own unique features and purpose of use.

Range of air compressors

Adelaide air compressors are not hard to find and all outlets have a wide range and you can choose from several types of air compressors. Some of the types available are as follows:

Industrial air compressors

You will get to choose air compressors having long service intervals, which will reduce your operational cost. It ensures that you receive the value for your investment. You can opt for air compressors from the top brands available in the market which are reliable and are of the best quality. Visit at Air Connection

Frequency controlled air compressors

The frequency controlled air compressors have several features. They are as follows:

·        Continuous flow regulation from a range of 25% to 100%

·        A constant system pressure

·        A smooth system of start up and run down in a quick duration

·        The products are based totally on standard modules

·        The start up power lies within the nominal power range

·        Absence of idling time and contains patent GM drive system

Rotary screw air compressors

The rotary screw air compressors have the following characteristics:

·        A clear layout with three sections

·        The range of rotary screw industrial air compressors begins from 2.2 kilowatts and ranges up to 200 kilowatts

·        Standard intake air filter

·        A modular design based on the standard assembly system

·        A motor asynchronous with three phases

·        Contains patent GM drive system where there is constant belt tensioning


If you buy air compressors in Adelaide, you will also be provided with efficient servicing from the outlet where you make your purchase. The companies who manufacture air compressors also provide servicing for a long time and also cater to the installation of air compressors. Hence, before you buy one make sure that you will get a full range of services. The company must also have a highly skilled and efficient team that is capable of solving any problem related to your air compressor.

Repair service

Starting from industrial applications to residential systems and their installation, the highly qualified technicians must be able to solve any problem related to your air compressor. They must know about all kinds of air compressor models and be capable enough to cater to your requirements. You can get air compressors serviced even if they are from varied brands. Some companies also offer emergency repair service for industrial and commercial air compressors.

You will get all forms of air compressors in Adelaide and all major brands are available. You can check out the following link ( if you are looking for air compressors in Adelaide.