City Gardening Ideas

Living in a city doesn’t need to take away the fun and healthy hobby of gardening. City dwellers should not feel limited within the smaller confinement of their apartments. There are quite many gardening ideas, which are most suited for people living at the busiest side of town. All it takes is creativity and real fondness in gardening.


Most people grow tired taking care of plants when work becomes too busy or gardening becomes too time-consuming. Gardening is a commitment. There are house plants that you may also consider taking care of due to its benefits. Apart from vegetable farming, there are plants that shoo away mosquitoes or provide a nice aroma within the household.

Whatever our reasons are, we are fond of this hobby because of its impslicity and relaxing beauty. A green thumb is important, but anyone can learn how to be patient and gentle with plants. Listed below are popular options to consider if you want to have a garden in the city:

1. Vertical Gardening Ideas. To maximize space and still have enough room for vegetables or plants that you want to have in your garden, small garden design ideas like this one is an effective way to go. They are like pot plants, but laid out vertically. Be careful though, make sure to pick those plants that do not have big roots extending too much.

2. Square Meter Plots. To those with enough space for horizontal gardening, square meter plots are organized way of pot planting. Although you are limited within the available space, this is a proven healthy way of tending plants. Select your favorites and you can enjoy patches of soil and greens in your backyard or your balcony.

3. Bonsai. Of course, bonsai is such a curious option. The art of bonsai has fascinated gardeners and there are many gardening stores that sell them and kits for maintenance. For those with really small spaces and would like an oriental take on gardening, this is a wonderful option.

4. Kitchen Garden Ideas. For people with really tiny spaces, but would like to keep a plant or two – pot plants by the kitchen is still an option. Although proper sunlight must be guaranteed, you can start by taking care of a low-maintenance plant and take it from there.

5. Hanging Garden. If you have been reading about ideas for small gardens,  you may have come across this old technique. While this works mostly for orchids, it is still aesthetically-pleasing – but with function. Orchid lovers can have their own gardens, even at the busiest cities.

There are many other gardening ideas that you can research on and accomplish, even with smaller spaces. It is important, however, to take note of the essential needs of plants. Proper sunlight, ample amount of water, healthy soil, and fertilizers if necessary. Also, pests should be absent. Whether you are taking care of orchids or growing vegetables in your own balcony, a green thumb requires true care for the greens.

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